Introducing Katherine Glenday: a master of form and light


In the hundreds of years since porcelain was developed, artisans have worked and reworked it into different shapes, colors, textures, and functions. Still, South African ceramic artist Katherine Glenday has continued to find new ways to express the natural beauty of the medium over her 30 year career, experimenting with the unique translucency and light inherent in the clay. It’s an art form Atkinson’s is pleased to welcome to our showroom in Vancouver.

Glenday’s works have ranged from large, complex, and abstract pieces to smaller, more refined sculptures, vessels and vases. In her current collection at Atkinson’s, a purity of design shows off Glenday’s immense technical skill and allows each piece to serve as a meditation on an idea - sometimes expressed by a single brush stroke.

Statuesque, creamy-white vessels are paper thin, a process that takes years to master. Each work is slip cast in a mold where the porcelain forms a delicate skin, then painstakingly extracted and fired over and over again to perfect color, texture, and detail. What results is a subtly mesmerizing creation that absorbs light and seems to hum with it.

Glenday’s inspiration is broad, drawing from her surroundings in picturesque Kalk Bay, Cape Town, as well as human nature. A swipe of cobalt paint in her “Breaking Wave” vessel pays tribute to the Japanese art of Enso painting, where an artist brushes a single circle onto a page - open or closed, dark or light, the circle reveals an essential truth about the painter and reflects Glenday’s attraction to water. In two new pieces she turns the vessels themselves into dreamy landscapes by painting terracotta clay onto still-liquid porcelain.

No two of Glenday’s pieces are alike, as her commitment to exploring porcelain results in an evolution of ideas with each new collection. What results is a limited number of exclusive artworks that are dramatic in their simplicity and a stunning addition to minimalist, calming, or refined decor. Available in-store or in our online shop.

Katherine Glenday Nature


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